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Super Easy Mixed Fruit Jam – Preservative Free


This is a mixed fruit jam that came out perfect, almost a look alike and taste alike store bought bottled jam.. the X factor here being the non-addition of preservatives. The brightcolor, smooth texture, citrussy flavor and awesome taste has made us yearn for more and more. The fruits that I added for color were black grapes (the seeded variety this time) and pomegranate; fruits added for the pulpy texture were apples and banana. This was the first time I laid my hands on a multi fruit jam and the success lead me try more variants, that came out absolutely perfect too. So, choice of fruits is your forte. Just combine citrus fruits like grapes or berries for tangi flavor and fleshy fruits or vegetables like apple, banana, beetroot and pumpkins respectively for pulpy consistency.
Home made Super easy Mixed Fruit Jam – Preservative Free



  •  pomegranates – 3 no.s
  •  seeded black grapes (one can also use seedless) – 1/2 kg
  •  apples – 2 no.s
  • bananas – 2 no.s medium sized (I used red bananas)
  • sugar – 2 cups approximately (1 cups sugar for 4 cups of total pulp put together)
  • lemons – 2 no.s



These are the basic 3 steps in Jam Making; Do let me know if there are more please.
The Basic 3

Part I

  1. To disinfect the grapes and apples, take separate bowls of water with turmeric and salt. Leave them in the water for 1/2 an hour.
  2. Pomegranates and Bananas have their natural protective skins.

Part II

Place a plate in the freezer and a few spoons- we need to check for consistency later by placing the jam in the chilled plate.

Part III

Sterilize bottles with lid

  1. Wash the bottles and lids to store jam very well with no food particles sticking to it.
  2. Take a big bowl and place the washed bottles and lids on sides.
  3. Fill water in the bowl immersing the bottles.
  4. Let the water come to a full boil.
  5. Close with lid and let it stay till the jam is done.


Method of Preparation-

1. Blend pomegranate seeds and strain the juice

2. For grape juice/pulp

  • Cautiously remove grapes that are spoiled or with grey fungus
  • Thoroughly clean and wash the perfect grapes
  • In a pan, cook grapes with 1/2 cup water in medium flame till they are softened and easy to mash with spatula
  • Juice it in a blender and strain the thick pulp or don’t bother if it is thin.

3.  Wash and peel apples and blend with banana to a smooth pulp

4. Mix pomegranate and grape juice, apple and banana pulp together in a bowl

5. Take a heavy bottomed pan on stove; measure and pour the above fruity mixture into it

6. Add 1 cup of sugar for every 4 cups of pulp

7.  Add the juice of lemons

8. After the first boil, simmer stove and let it boil

9. Adjust burner of stove to medium and back to sim position till the liquid starts thickening

10. At this stage, check with the plate in the freezer- swipe a spoon of jam on the plate and cut into two halves. If it sets well and isn’t flowing on the plate when tilted, jam is done. Else, cook for some more time.

11. If it seems too thick, add little water and let it boil for some time, until it reaches right consistency

12. Pour into sterilized hot bottles directly from stove and close lid tightly.

13. Enjoy with home made bread or bun. Also try as a filling in tarts or pies.


Dosaikal after six years …

After almost six years of blogging, this is my first layout makeover for Hope this new makeover that I’ve tried to give Dosaikal enthuses you all as much as me. This is an attempt to make this blog more colorful and show facets of growing better. Whether I’ve been successful in the latter…. I leave the decision to my readers.

Good practice or bad, I’ve always been in search of logical reasons in whatever I do or whatever happens to me. So, how did I let the ‘Change Bug’ enter my courtyard??

That needs a brief flash back…..

This is how I introduced myself to the wide world of readers when Dosaikal started.



“A simple person who believes strong roots and values build up stronger generations; and good food and good food habits are one of the best gifts that one can give to their off springs.”


Now, I look at my daughter. Those delicate hands that helped me mix eggs, then tried to bake the basic cakes – has started making ably stuffed whole wheat pies, healthy vegetable omelettes, chocolate coated popcorns, and also chopping vegetables and fruits with great accuracy and more. This I think has been the most prominent of all signs of positive growth that has happened through Dosaikal and to Dosaikal, the blog. And not to miss – the additional signs of me growing physically older I suppose. Fact is Fact, accepted.

I am partly happy to have introduced her to the wonderful world of good food and good food habits.


“To Provide is in the nature of the Soil and to Absorb and Bear Fruit is in the Nature of the Seed; I leave it to the child to hold responsible for her understanding of Good Food, from what has been provided through me.”


Thank you very much for having traveled with me in my pursuit towards providing good values through good food, and thereby strong roots to the generations to come.

Let’s continue our journey together…