Basic Wheat Cake/Atta Cake

This is another cake with just the basic ingredients. Flour, sugar, butter and eggs are the basic ingredients in any cake. Here again, the all purpose flour is substituted with wheat flour; brown cane sugar in place of white sugar and  cooking oil is used instead of butter. I wanted to bake this cake without eggs – but my daughter who loves the beating part in cake making, insisted using egg. So, egg is used.

This cake does not need much beating. Just mixing one ingredient after the other is enough. It is very quickly done.




  • wheat flour – 1 cup/100 gms
  • sugar – 3/4 cup/75 gms
  • oil – 1/2 cup – 50 ml
  • egg – 1 no.
  • yoghurt/curds – 3/4 cup
  • baking powder – 1/2 tsp
  • baking soda – 1/2 tsp
  • vanilla extract – 1 tsp

Method of Preparation

  1. In a wide bowl, beat egg and sugar – enough to melt sugar
  2. Powdered sugar can also be used for easier melting
  3. Add oil and vanilla extract and mix
  4. Mix baking soda and baking powder with gothumai maavu/wheat flour/atta
  5. Start adding flour little by little to egg, sugar, oil mixture
  6. The batter would be thick half way – now add little yoghurt to set right the consistency
  7. Add all the flour and yoghurt to bring batter to thinner consistency
  8. Grease a baking pan and dust it with a light coating of flour
  9. Pour the batter into the pan
  10. Preheat oven at 200 degrees centigrade and bake for 30 minutes
  11. Check at 30 minutes with a tooth pick – if it comes out clean, cake is ready
  12. Depending upon the oven, it might take another 10 minutes too – so it is better to check at 30 minute point
  13. Remove from oven and let it cool to serve.


  1. It is again a small cake with less sugar
  2. Double it for a bigger cake and quantity of sugar can be added if needed.



19 thoughts on “Basic Wheat Cake/Atta Cake

    1. dosaikal Post author

      thanks. In this cake, omit egg and add 1/2 cup curds and the cake would come out well. It is just that my daughter wanted to beat the egg, I had to mix one egg in it.

  1. Vanita

    Hi! normally my atta cake become hard after few hours,,so am scared
    to try this recipe. Also can i use 100gms of salted butter in it and two eggs n reduce the qty of curd to 1/2 cup. pls do let me know asap.

    1. dosaikal Post author

      Hi, This no butter, atta cake is soft and remains soft too! Try it once if you can.

      Regarding usage of butter, if you do not mind those calories in butter cake, no problem. But I would not go for salted butter as the cake takes that extra pinch of salt which is a bit high. You can use unsalted butter with a pinch of salt to enhance sweetness.So, omit oil.

      2 eggs is fine. With butter, sugar and eggs beaten well, I doubt the need for yoghurt. With atta, sugar oil and no eggs, the batter tends to become thick. So there is need for yoghurt. Check the consistency of batter… if it is thick add little yoghurt to bring it to a thinner batter. Because you add butter and eggs, a little milk is also enough instead of yoghurt, to set the right batter.

      Here, baking soda is not needed, baking powder-1 tsp should be enough.

      I am trying to bake the cake with butter and eggs in a couple of days. Shall keep you posted on that.


  2. Mariam

    Just having this cake for a tea.Its suprise of the year!!! Absolutely wonderful.Only try this cause I didnt have maida at home but This is much much better,and what a lovely color.Just having as it is without any topping~delicious.Do not wait!Bake it!

  3. Renuka

    I have tried lots and lots of cake recipes but this one is so far the best and Actually it works!!!!! Loved the recipe really… Thanks for making life simple!!

    1. dosaikal Post author

      Yes of course. But the whole purpose of using brown sugar is to switch over to natural ingredients from unhealthy refined products. If you would prefer white sugar go ahead.

  4. Shaila

    I baked the wheat atta cake. It was very nice. But height of cake reduced on cooling. I used the same measures. I would like to know why?

    1. dosaikal Post author

      Hi, check the oven temperature… An oven that gets too hot too quick can cause the problem. To sometimes too much or too little moisture in the batter can cause the cake to sink . Try altering the oven temperature as the cake has come out quite well for many. If you believe oven has no issues, try omitting yoghurt and add one more egg instead, add little milk if the batter is too thick with 2 eggs and no yoghurt.
      Do let me know of the result.

  5. Josie

    Hello,I tried this…it was wonderful, thank you. I added half a nutmeg that I powdered. Gives a lovey spicy flavour.
    Can we make this into a chocolate cake by adding cocoa?

    1. dosaikal Post author

      Wonderful.. thanks for the feedback. Yes, we may add 2 tbsp cocoa and make it into chocolate cake . If the batter becomes dry, add a teaspoon of extra yoghurt .

  6. Akshaya

    I made this cake and it came out amazingly well thank you for such a nice recipe. I made it with jaggery instead of sugar and it was yummy. The second time i made it, i added cocoa powder and the result was too good. Thank you again.


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