A simple person who believes strong roots and values build up stronger generations; and good food and good food habits are one of the best gifts  that one can give to their off springs.

26 thoughts on “About

  1. Lakshmi

    Hey subbu really ur rocking
    its very nice and the steps are very clear and even it is easy for the beginners! keep going !!
    Wishes to all your efforts..

  2. Gita Menon

    Elegant and informative site. Even experienced cooks will profit from your descriptions. Recording memories for the future generation is a noble task. Wishing you all the success. Gita Menon

  3. Ponnu

    Hello there, I am delighted to go through the Dosai-kal site. Looks very tasty and well explained cooking guide, thank you. I am looking forward to prepare some delicious dishes.

  4. Soni.

    Thanks for the dosaikal site.
    Very impressed how you managed to describe and write so good about culture and food.
    Great effort and keep it up.
    Best Wishes.

  5. swarupa

    Rombha nalla irika. Good blending of ancient traditions with food recepies for dosaikal. Your vision for Universal health is fantastic. Noble concept.

  6. Kirti

    Hi …. Your immense food enthusiasm motivated me to tell about http://www.plattershare.com which aims to bring all the food lovers like foodies, home chefs, professional chefs, food bloggers, cooking instructors or restaurants together on one platform.You can create your profile to maintain your recipes and network with others to gain online visibility. Do check our website and like the FB page https://www.facebook.com/plattershare to share journey of food love!

    1. dosaikal Post author

      Thanks for the info. Visited the website and it is awesome. It certainly is a wonderful platform for foodies and bloggers alike.

  7. Elixia

    Great website with excellent description and tips. Will certainly try out some of your mouthwatering recipes. Thank you!

  8. swarupa

    Hi Lakshmi,
    Now the blog is more beautiful. Got inspired to try each recipe. Thank you and my little Angel.

  9. Radha

    Your blog is dosai kal. Can you send me an email as to how I can get an authentic dosai kal and if it can be pre seasoned with oil or can you teach how to season it, and with which specific oil was used to season it as many online sources don’t tell which oil to use…


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