A beginning


After a long long wait and research, I have started writing my blog. Before I start..

Thankyou so much Oz, for all the help. With kids and family, work and your blog,  preparing to shift to your own country and more, you have been guiding and pouring in suggestions, helping in the step by step process to start this blog, with the same gentleness and warmth always.

Thankyou Ganu and Meera, for all the thought provoking advices in detail.

Now.. About what I would like to share in ‘Dosaikal’… Is this a food blog with recipes and cooking ideas? Yes, food has always been one of my passions, even from those days when I didn’t know the differences in lentils! 

‘Dosaikal’ – when translated is  ‘The Pancake Pan’. Dosa is the  pancake and kal is the pan or tawa on which dosas are made. For me, it symbolises south indian cuisine..   The newest of the non-stick cookware can make better dosas or south indian pancakes – made of rice and dehusked blackgram batter. But, the best ones are made from the traditional cast iron tawas.  More so because, thick and fluffy grandma’s dosas, crispy crunchy amma’s dosas  or the ghee dosas my daughter demands – dosas make me travel on a different time machine, to my younger days of granny’s traditional recipes and life style.

Those are the moments I still cherish, the pleasant greeneries of down south districts of Tamilnadu, that sweet dialect of my mother tongue Tamil that makes me turn around immediately even today, the way we jump, run, dance, chat, fight, cry, giggle and laugh amidst cousins, aunts, uncles and above all grandma and grandpa – we call them aachi and thatha.

Somehow between the joys of togetherness, I can still smell the fragrances and flavours of mouth watering good food.. traditional tirunelveli and thoothukudi style. Thanks to amma and appa who gave me the strong base to absorb these fragrances and flavours of one’s own soil. So, why not add the flavours of traditional life style to modern day cooking!

 Now… Dosaikal is not about dosas alone.  The rich cultural heritage of the tamils goes hand in hand with the varieties of dishes cooked in households with the supervision of grandmother’s even today.. I would like to relive the past with those simple and exotic recipes. And nothing is best than sharing it with friends!

I can’t wait to get started!!






17 thoughts on “A beginning

  1. A(E)rumai thambi

    Vaazhai pazham – I remember the amount consumed during the 17 years I was with you. Famine in Chennai!

  2. Sanju

    Hey Subbu……Congratulations!!!!!!!!! I always loved South Indian Cuisines made by you and now I can try them myself too!!Many thanx for the wonderful recipes.Keep it up!!!


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