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Vengaya Dosai/ Onion Dosa

There are different kinds of dosais.. plain dosai, masala dosai, adai dosai, paruppu dosai, vengaya (onion) dosai, thakkali (tomato) dosai, kal dosai, uthappam, mini uthappam and many more never ending varieties. Dosai is like a flexible daughter-in-law, always ready to get accustomed to all kinds of situations!

Now, let’s make vengaya dosai or onion pancakes! The crispy taste of fresh onions roasted very lightly on top of the dosai is something to relish. The preparation of this dosai is very simple, yet could be a big hit with guests!

Vengaya Dosai/ Onion Dosa


Ingredients (makes 6 dosais)

  • basic dosai batter – approximately 4 cups
  • onions – 3 medium
  • oil  -as needed
  • ghee – as needed

Spread dosai on tawa and sprinkle onions

a closer view

Method of Preparation

  1. Take approximately 4 cups of basic dosai batter (See basic dosai recipe in https://dosaikal.com/2011/08/14/basic-dosaidosa/)
  2. Adjust water for consistency of batter
  3. Finely chop onions and keep them separately in a bowl
  4. Heat the dosaikal/ tawa and grease with little oil
  5. Spread the dosai batter and make a medium crispy dosai
  6. Sprinkle some chopped onions and oil around the edges
  7. Let it cook well and turn golden brown
  8. Turn it on the other side
  9. While turning dosai on the other side, onions would spill
  10. Do not panic. But take care while turning. If much of the onions spill on the tawa, spread it again on the tawa and place the dosai on top. Press the dosai well with the onions below
  11. Let the onions become brown
  12. Convert the dosai in a serving plate
  13. Spread a little ghee for better taste.. but this is optional
  14. Serve with any chutney of preference (https://dosaikal.com/category/chutneys/).