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The Appam Remake: Sivapparisi Karuppatti Paniyaram/Banana Fritters with Red Rice and Palm Jaggery



The versatile deep fried Appam was posted a year ago with wheat flour and banana. The flexibility of this snack is its adaptability to a number of grains or milled powders of those grains- raw rice, rice powder, wheat flour, refined flour, millet powders and so on.. Here I have tried red rice powder in combination with wheat flour. The Appam batter here is not deep fried but gets a healthy makeover as Paniyaram – which is made with less oil in the Paniyara chatti.


Now, when does the true urge to make appam set in? Any guesses??

You buy bananas;
consume a few;
give away a few;
forget the following day about the bananas;
third day- the bananas have become extra ripe;
changed colour;
become softer inside;
the urge to make Appam arises!

Well ripe banana is synonymous to Appam in our household. Sometimes, we deliberately leave aside a banana or two to be transformed into Appam. I think the tempting factor is the addition of cane jaggery or palm sugar to bananas, that makes it a super special delicacy, yet it is a hard core simple recipe to handle.

Well ripe Banana here acts as a softener and the flour of your choice and sugar with water make it a beautiful batter.  In Tamilnadu cuisine, rice flour is added to deep fried snacks like vadai, bhajji, kara sevu and many more to enhance the crispiness. Karuppatti paniyaram  or sweet paniyaram in many places are made with raw rice and palm/cane jaggery alone.

I tried the appam as its healthier variant ‘paniyaram’ with the combination of red rice flour, wheat flour, ripe banana and palm sugar. This powdered Cambodian palm sugar was the last of the batch and I have no more of it, which I realized only after the batter was done and no photos clicked. Hence, the picture shows unrefined cane sugar instead of palm sugar.

The addition of equal quantity of red rice powder, made the paniyaram extra stronger to withhold its shape with the beautiful texture of crispiness than soft.

Sivapparisi Karuppatti Paniyaram/Banana Fritters with Red rice and Palm Sugar




the last batch of palm sugar powder


  • sivapparisi maavu/red rice flour – 3/4 cup
  • gothumai maavu/wheat flour – 3/4 cup
  • panai vellam/palm jaggery (powder)- 1 cup
  • elakkai podi/cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp
  • chukku podi/dry ginger powder – 1/2 tsp
  • baking soda – 1/2 tsp
  • well ripe soft banana – big – 1 no.s ; if small – 2 no.s
  • salt – a pinch
  • water – as needed to make a thick batter
  • oil – to fry in paniyara chatti/mould

Method of Preparation



  1. In a blender, add both flours, palm sugar,banana, cardamom powder, dry ginger powder, salt, baking soda with water and blend into a thick batter, almost like a cake batter.
  2. The only ingredient left out is oil
  3. Pour the batter in a bowl and adjust water if needed
  4. Heat the Paniyaram Pan and pour 1/2 tsp oil in each mould and let the oil heat up
  5. Pour 1 dinner spoon of batter in each and let it turn golden brown. Because of the palm sugar, the golden brown would be darker brown
  6. Flip the half done paniyaram, for the other side to cook
  7. When done, remove and place it first in an open container. Immediately closing the container would soften the paniyaram.
  8. Sivapparisi Paniyaram is ready.





  1. One can replace palm sugar with cane jaggery. Dissolve jaggery in water and strain for impurities and make a thin syrup.
  2. The syrup can be used instead of water with all the above mentioned ingredients to make paniyaram batter.
  3. The flexibility of this appam/paniyaram is that one can even omit the banana, or replace the red rice with wheat flour with banana.
  4. If one doesn’t have paniyara chatti, feel free to deep fry or even make wonderful pancakes with the same batter.



Spongy Kuzhi Paniyarams

Now, what else can be made with the wonder batter called ‘idli/dosa batter’? Idli on the first day, dosa when it becomes more sour, uthappam of different varieties (recipes shortly) and this time it is Kuzhi Paniyaram.

Although there is a separate combination and ratio for exclusive kuzhi paniyaram.. kuzhi paniyaram can be made from the same idli batter. This works out to be an excellent starter with very little oil if made from non-stick paniyaram mould. They can also be a breakfast snack or a light dinner snack. These are no-risk options during travel – would remain soft and don’t need refrigeration to keep them fresh.

Kuzhi Paniyaram belongs to Chettinad cuisine – a very popular cuisine belonging to the chettinad area of tamilnadu and hugely popular around the world for its spicy, aromatic flavour . The traditional kuzhi paniyara chatti or kuzhi paniyarakkal or the kuzhi paniyaram mould is made of cast iron and gives the exotic taste of grandma’s kitchen.. but with more concern on oil intake, the non-stick ones are a better option.

Paniyaram means a snack and kuzhi means hole or pit. The snack is made from a mould with holes and the final product is in the shape of a soft small ball – depending upon the depth of the kuzhi. The common kuzhi paniyaram mould has seven holes.

Kuzhi Paniyaram is popular in all the southern states of india in various names. In the Netherlands, the Poffertjes resemble kuzhi paniyarams. Poffertjes are soft, fluffy pancakes made of buck wheat flour and yeast. They are served with powdered sugar and butter. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poffertjes). I tried the sweet version of south indian kuzhi paniyaram in the dutch poffertjes mould and found the difference is only in the depth of the mould.

There can be sweet or salted spicy paniyarams. Now we make spiced kuzhi paniyaram or the kara paniyaram.

dutch poffertjes mould and kuzhi paniyara chatti


Kuzhi Paniyaram


paniyaram batter


Method of Preparation

  1. Take the required quantity of idli batter in a vessel
  2. Heat 2 tsp oil in a pan
  3. Add mustard seeds and when it splutters add urad dal
  4. When urad dal is golden brown, add finely chopped onions and green chillies
  5. Fry for a while and add curry leaves
  6. Add this tempering to the idli batter
  7. Chopped coriander leaves can also be added
  8. Kuzhi Paniyaram batter is ready

pour batter in oiled mould


turn it with the sharp tip wooden ladle


done on the other side too


Making Paniyaram

  1. Heat the paniyara chatti/kal with little oil in each mould
  2. When the oil is medium hot, pour the batter till 3/4th level of the mould
  3. When it is cooked on one side, turn it to cook on the other side
  4. When done take it out
  5. Paniyaram is ready and serve it with choice of chutney
  6. This goes well with coconut chutney or coriander chutney.

the delicious duo!