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My Kitchen with Kenwood – III – Ice Cream Maker

Who wouldn’t relish a flavorful creamy scoop of ice cream? Additionally, when the awesome treats gets swirled in your own kitchen, that could be eternal bliss.

There is a big list of things that petrify me. Like the processed grains, polished flour, polished sugar and many more that I mentioned in the previous post. The long list of ingredients – in a bottle of jam or sauce, in a pack of cookies or chips, in a can of juice or flavor enhanced milk…. the list is never ending. The need for increasing Shelf life of products, in a fast paced world does it all.

The long list of ingredients that bother me in a store bought ice cream tub, not only discouraged me from gobbling up to my heart’s content, but also daunted me even while having a single scoop. I craved for an ice cream I could enjoy, without guilt.

I wanted to make an ice cream with minimal necessary ingredients. But, my motto was to churn a delicacy that would be-

  • low in fat
  • less in sugar
  • creamy, yet less cream involved
  • flexible flavors with natural ingredients
  • no food colors involved

Above all, a tasty treat that can be a perfect alternative to the branded dainty.

I tried making ice cream with a blender. Each time I blended and put back the mix in the freezer, the blender ideally reduced the ice crystals. But, a thicker, heavier, creamier mix, rich in fat gave better results while using it.

I needed a perfect churner to churn my low fat ice cream mix. Then, I came across Kenwood Ice Cream Maker IM280.

Less in weight, easy to store and handle, and apt for small quantities to be tested in my R&D Lab – The Kitchen. This is again, a beginner’s perfect Kit.

First, I made the basic vanilla ice cream, with a combination of low fat milk, full cream and corn flour. I used raw sugar, just right for my family’s taste buds and vanilla for flavor. Simple alterations to the same basic ingredients does wonders too.

This short video shows how beautifully the Kenwood Ice Cream Maker churns our favorite dessert. It is pure joy, customising your own recipe to the needs of your loved ones.

In the same recipe, I added good quality 100% dark chocolate powder and my chocolate ice cream was done.

The product discussed above is a separate Ice Cream Maker. Kenwood also has a frozen dessert/ice cream attachment to go with its Kitchen machines.